Hungarian Baptists Didn’t Detect Tension in North Korea

A Hungarian Baptist pastor and his five companions visited North Korea to initiate a rehabilitation program for disabled people. From the south side they didn’t see any activity, and there were no soldiers guarding the border as has been usual. Even the industrial zone of Kaesong was silent. They could move freely in the capital city, where they saw new buildings, business centers, peaceful pedestrians, and roller skating children.

Rescue24 is in Action in Western Hungary

In cooperation with National Disaster Management, Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid) has put their special rescue team Rescue24 on alert due to the critical weather and road conditions that occurred and are expected to deteriorate in Western Hungary.

Orphans of the Tsunami have Grown Up

It’s been nine years since the tsunami devastated South-Eastern-Asia, bringing pain and hopelessness to the disaster stricken area for a long time. But the world wanted to help.

Schoolbags for the Orphans of Tsunami

László Kövér, Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament, brought gifts to children in South Asia who became orphans after the 2004 tsunami, and now live in a children’s home supported by Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid).

One-year Program to Prevent Human Trafficking

Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid) is launching another one-year program to prevent human trafficking.

Hungarian Helpers after Hurricane Sandy

Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid) is in work at a station set up by North Carolina Baptist Men on the campus of Rutgers University.

Visiting ‘Help’ Village in Sri Lanka

Sándor Szenczy, the president of Hungarian Baptist Aid and Dr. Béla Szilágyi, the director-general of the organization visited the ‘Help’ Village built a couple of years ago in Sri Lanka after the disaster of the tsunami of 2004.

Two EU Grants Coming Soon

Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid) is planning to provide educational programs that align with the EU Millenial Development Plans (MDG) and other global issues with European museums through the framework of the˝”Museo Mundial” grant.

’Don’t throw it away!’ – European Youth with Environmental Awareness

Child and Youth Education and Development Center of Hungarian Baptist Aid organized an international youth program at the end of June 2012. 5 nations (French, Romanian, Polish, Italian and Hungarian) met and worked together with the support of Youth in Action (Fiatalok Lendületben Program). They stayed at the International Youth Camp and Center in Égervölgye (Égervölgye Nemzetközi Ifjúsági Tábor és Központ) which is situated next to the Aggtelek National Park (Aggteleki Nemzeti Park).

Two HBAid representatives in Vojvodina, Serbia

The media attention on the distressful situation of the predominantly Pakistani, Afghan and Indian refugees, hiding in the woods and wetlands around Subotica, a town in the Vojvodina region of Serbia, has intensified during the past weeks. HBAid paid a joint visit to the refugees together with Zoltán Nyúl, a Vojvodina member of our staff. Two representatives of a peer organisation, the Eastern European Mission, Hungary now maintain an everyday relationship with the refugees and currently provide food and medicines for 20-30 people. There were several instances when hospital treatment was secured for some of the refugees as well. The Eastern European Mission’s resources are limited, and in many cases, they represent the only hope of survival for the refugees.

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