Presentation in Tamási

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On Friday, April 27, 2012, Tamási was one of the stops on this tour where they presented their lecture to about a thousand students. As it happened, the representatives of HBAid arrived at the Vályi Péter Szakképző Iskola (Péter Vályi Trade School) when a “students’ day” was being held at the institution with various programs, including the lecture that the international team of HBAid would present. This series of presentations, held at several different locations, is a part of a European Union project, EuropeAid, which also made producing a short film, a DVD, and publishing an awareness-raising book possible. The students received copies of these publications.

“The topic (slave labour, prostitution and other kind of crimes violating human liberty) was not unfamiliar to the students of the school. Unfortunately, even they know of several people who regularly stand by the roads in the vicinity of Tamási. The pupils were active, dared to ask questions and answered our questions too. The majority of those attending were students who are just before secondary school graduation, consequently also before either further studies or starting their search for a job. Our interactive game – in the course of which they had to evaluate existing job advertisements and tell what dangers they may represent – was a help, we hope, they could also make use of.” – says Kató Fellegi, HBAid staff member.



Love without borders

Workers of HBAid in Tacloban again

Five months after the typhoon in Tacloban (Philippines) and its surrounding areas, Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid) is rebuilding a school and a kindergarten that were damaged, distributing water purification systems for families, and helping injured children.

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