Hungarian aid for Iraqi refugees

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The civil group of Hungarian journalist and experts delivered $5,000 aid to Kurdistan, Iraq.

Christians, Yazdi, and Shiite people who were made refuges because of the attacks of Muslim extremists also received aid from HBAid and the Hungarian Asian Society.

The St. Joseph Chaldean Community takes care of about 150 Christian refugees in Sulaymaniya, including Jakub, an exiled priest from Karakos.

In Chamchamal, local people take care of more than 12,000 refugees, they haven’t received any major external assistance; international organizations are not present in the area. The Hungarian delegation visited the city’s reception camp, which was converted from an abandoned school; the refugees complained about not getting clothes and medicine. Many of them said that their only possessions were the clothes that they were wearing when they left their homes.

Out of the 4 million residents in Kurdistan there are about 1,5 million Iraqi and Syrian refugees, and taking care of them is a great pressure on the Kurdish government because they haven’t received any support for months.

The camp in Sulaymaniya received 2,000 dollars and the camp in Chamchamal received 5,000 dollars from the Hungarian support.

The money was given by the members of the Hungarian team to the local leaders in the presence of the representatives of the refugees.

The members of the Hungarian team from Budapest were Dilara Csillik, president of the Hungarian Asia Society, Zsombor György, reporter of Magyar Nemzet and Hír Tv, Tamás Szűcs, editor in chief of Globoport and reporter of public media, Sors Huszain, representative of PUK and Péter Wagner, security expert. 


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