Two HBAid representatives in Vojvodina, Serbia

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The stories of these refugees almost universally follow the classic pattern: they leave their homes in hopes of a better life; they arrive in Serbia with the help of people smuggling networks in exchange for a sum amounting to several thousand dollars; they arrive and are temporarily “settled” in the near-border settlement until they can be transferred further. Some refugees have been in this “temporary” for several months now. Others have only arrived at the campsite a few days ago. A pair of jeans, gym shoes, a light coat and a shopping bag is more or less all they can call their own. They are desperate, they are disappointed and hungry, they live in temporarily set up tents in the premises of an abandoned brick factory and they carry drinking water in containers from miles away.

We only managed to talk to a single man during our visit, the other refugees moved farther away when they saw us approaching. We were able to distribute food, blankets and clothing during our December visit. We have now made preparations for another food distribution.

After this, we went to Pacsér, where we visited several needy families, some elderly people living alone and some mobility-impaired people. We donated a water heater to one large family, where the mother was about to give birth. Afterwards, we rented a flat for another family, because they had previously lived in a dilapidated building belonging to the local railway station, and now the building was to be pulled down from above their heads. Our future plans include setting up a free public kitchen where several stations will afford us to be able to distribute food to needy people during the winter months.


The Hungarian President and the Ambassador of Turkey thanked the rescuers who returned home

On the afternoon of February 14, the President of Hungary, Katalin Novák greeted the Hungarian rescuers who helped Turkey, including members of Hungarian Baptist Aid’s HUBA Rescue24 team, in ’Sándor Palota’ (Sándor Palace).

The rescue team of Hungarian Baptist Aid has returned home from Turkey

The HUBA Rescue24 rescue team of Hungarian Baptist Aid has completed its mission in Antakya, Turkey. The team arrived at Liszt Ferenc Airport on Sunday morning, where they were greeted with flowers and applause by the representatives of the Turkish Embassy, along with family members, colleagues and workers of the press.

Earthquake in Turkey: the special rescue team has found ten survivors in Antakya

On Tuesday, at 7pm Hungarian time, a man was lifted from the ruins by the HUBA Rescue24 International Fire and Rescue Team of Hungarian Baptist Aid in Turkey.

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