Grief, Sympathy and Prayer - Message from French Baptists

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"Our nation experienced the darkness of terror again. In France, where a state of emergency has been ordered, pain, sorrow and grief have arisen." - the French Baptists sent a word after the terror attack in Paris. Hungarian Bapitsts joined them in spirit with prayers. The message continues as follows: "The Bible invites us to establish a footprint of prayer in truth and love, commitment and authenticity. We need to pray to God for the victims and their family members, and also for those who manage the work of protection during this hard time. We can have a peaceful life if we remain faithful to God and He leads us in our actions. Our Savior God wants everybody to be saved and to get to know the truth."

The French Baptists thanked the sympathy and solidarity of Hungarian brothers and sisters, and they asked them to keep on praying.


"Goodness is stronger than evil;

Love is stronger than hate;

Light is stronger than darkness;

Life is stronger than death;

Victory is ours through Him who loves us."

(Desmond Tutu)


Sándor Szenczy founding president emeritus 1965-2022

Sándor, you are blessed and you have been a blessing! For millions, but most of all for us. Thank You!

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