Hungarian-American Roma mission – after the 7th semester

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The Roma mission work of HBAid in Transcarpathia started in 2008, and since then several American volunteer teams have visited to helporganize a Bible school for theological studies. At first, the plan was to gather students only from Transcarpathia, but it was extended to the Hungarian and Partium region. That is how we have 30 pastors and church leaders from Hungary, Romania and Ukraine at the Bible training. The first semester was organized in 2013.The school meets three times every year, and the training lasts for three years.

The goal is to help thepastors and leaders of Roma churches in every day Christian life, as they walk with God, to find answers for their questions based on biblical knowledge and personal relationship with Jesus. There are three cultures combined: Roma, Hungarian and American. Kató Fellegi, program coordinator, emphasized that the common base to build on is their faith. The participants are different, but they are all the children of God, whom our Lord loves. And the greatest common task is to bring the gospel and to make disciples within the Roma communities as well.



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Ministerial recognition of Ms. Ágnes De Coll

Minister of Interior Dr. Sándor Pintér awarded Ministerial Recognition to Ms. Ágnes De Coll, the Anti-Trafficking Program Director of the Hungarian Baptist Aid.


The main objective of the International Visegrad Fund-sponsored project is to strengthen local communities in Ukraine, to transfer Visegrad Group countries’ experiences, as well as to strengthen the cooperation among nonprofits from all V4 countries (Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary, Poland) and Ukraine.

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